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Personally, I think I have enough blog entry ideas to keep me going for quite a few months so I really don’t need No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, by Margaret Mason. But just in-case I’m wrong about my creativity, vast skill for observation and commentary, I decided to check it out.

This slim publication is packed with 100 ideas and recommendations to keep you writing and keep your blog from bogging down in blahdom. It contains 5 chapters with 20 ideas each:

  1. 15 minutes to fame
  2. 30 minutes away from the TV
  3. An hour at the screen
  4. Take your time
  5. Think like a writer

Margaret’s suggestions are even good posting examples: catchy title, makes us laugh, think and want to respond.

Here are a few of my favorite topics:

  1. Reign supreme (what would you do if you ruled the world)
  2. Show some love (write a paragraph on your family or friends)
  3. Use what you have (mine your surroundings, postcards, cd’s newspaper.

I thought just about every topic was viable and universal. If you can’t find at least one idea or topic in this book, then you either need to give up the idea of blogging or get out of the house more. You need a life!

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