Just write, Lynn!
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I know I don’t need another book on writing. My bookcase is full of writing books and I feel that my writing toolbox is full, too. I enjoyed reading Stephen King’s On Writing and even though he gave me permission to write, it just didn’t happen. A copy of Unstuck: A Supportive and Practical Guide to Working Through Writer’s Block, by Jane Anne Staw is shelved on the nightstand. I’m a bit more compassionate towards the writer-me but I think I could use a little tough love, too. I tend to talk about writing more than I ever actually write. I found my copy of Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott. Although I hoped that accepting “shitty first drafts” would free up my penchant towards perfection, I’m still struggling to ignore that I know there is a better word, description, whatever, that stops my writing like a dropped cellphone call. My right and left brain both agree that I should write however together they come up with enough excuses that Write: 10 Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period. by Karen E. Peterson pretty much canceled itself out.

Ah, but the desire to write occasionally walks me to the writing section in the bookstore. So what made me break my promise to not buy another book on writing? The Daily Writer: 366 Meditations to Cultivate a Productive and Meaningful Writing Life by Fred White. I like the author’s tone. He’s just talking to me, making observations, recommendations, and suggesting interesting exercises. He’s talking to me about Existentialism, English Literature and art. This book is like having a college professor at my fingertips. Maybe that is the difference. He’s not talking about why I cannot write and he’s not telling me why he writes. Instead, he’s making me think about everything and writing.

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