No really, I get tired holding those big fantasy novels
Posted by Lynn at 1:00 am in Novels, Off Topic

I bought a Kindle.  After much contemplation and several trips to Target and Best Buy and reading way too many reviews I finally bought the Kindle 3 WiFi version.  So what sold me on it and not a Nook or a Kobo or a Sony?  Well it came down to a few basic features.  I like the size, it’s light and comfortable in my hands.  I like the fonts I can choose from. Also, I like the no glare screen.  I like the ease of getting books, since I love to shop on Amazon anyway. But for me the thing that tipped the scale were the buttons.  I really hate touchscreens.  Even though I have these skinny little fingers I always manage to fat finger any entries on a touch screen.

I have a touchscreen on my phone.  I hate it.  I’m always putting in the wrong characters, the wrong numbers, dialing the wrong people.  God forbid I have to enter someone into my contacts list!  Since everyone is always trying to improve products, and I’ve had perfectly good products ruined because someone decided it might sell better if it was exactly like its competitor, I decided to buy the Kindle now before some fool decides to make it a “touchscream”, too.  One thing that disappoints me: currently I cannot take books out of the library.  I understand that Amazon is working with Overdrive so hopefully in a few months that disappointment will be fixed.

So now I’m ready for all those big 500-1000 page fantasy novels! Bring on Game of Thrones!  Bring on Outlander!  Ohhh–I can download any Jane Austen novel for free? Gotta run!


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