Seriously, you’re going to card me?
Posted by Lynn at 7:09 pm in Off Topic

My friend and I went to a Friendly’s today and when she ordered off the senior menu, the girl asked for id!  Well I guess that is flattering and I’m glad I let her order first because the waitress would have discovered I’m an unage eater.  

In some cases, I’m an overage eater.

I didn’t have the nerve to order off either the senior or child’s menu until I saw Dave Price from CBS’s the Morning Show talk about losing weight and how he would order off the child’s menu to get a reasonable portion.  So I took his lead and I didn’t feel too bad if I ordered a child’s meal at a fast food restaurant.  It took a some encouragement, but eventually I started ordering off the senior menu at other restaurants.

I’m not out to cheat anyone, I just want a smaller portion at an appropriate price. 

I know that the economy is taking a beating and I know that restaurants are hurting just as much as any other industry but wouldn’t it be wise to sell a meal at a lesser price, than none at all?

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