It’s how warm?
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I hate the cold. I always have. I hate cold feet, cold fingers, and especially a cold nose. Today it was warm out and the sun was shining. The grass even looked greener! Oh and the warm sun on my face! I should have looked for daffodils in the garden but it’s probably still just a little early for them.

Spring is on the way and I’m thrilled.

About 1/2 way thru December I start dreading the commute home in the dark and cold. I get home and wrap up in crocheted throws, I sleep under a fat down comforter and I wear warm fuzzy socks to bed. After Christmas, whenever the weatherman tells sunrise and sunset times, I calculate the additional minutes of sunshine and I feel so happy. Then when sunlight lasts after I get home from work I feel like I’m gaining back my free time. Time to spend outside. Time to warm up. Time to see that beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds!

Today I chucked the down coat for a lightweight wool one and even that was too warm. I feel ALIVE, ready to tackle whatever comes my way or even tackle something NEW! Maybe I’ll even clean!

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  1. Whoa! Cleaning? Outrageous! Still chilly here but we’ve had lots of sunshine too. The calm before the storm.

  2. We went from warm to chilly again, but at least the sun is still shining and the wind has died down.

    Yes, I was cleaning, but I just picked up “Building a Wordress Blog People Want to Read” by McNulty. Maybe I’ll get a roomba. If I could only afford a maid!

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