Another Notebook with a Pretty Cover
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A friend was complaining that his wife kept buying day planners and not using them.  Immediately I knew what was going on.  She was trying to find a way to organize her time.  I recognize it because I have all these pretty notebooks and pretty composition books and pretty journals that are mostly empty.  The journals are sharing space on the shelf with titles like: Write Brain, Take Ten, The Writer’s Idea Book.  The notebooks are everywhere.  They are in the den, under my bed, under my desk.  Small note taking pads travel around in my car.  I even purchased a digital recorder so when the great idea strikes I don’t have to pull off the road and find a pen.  I only have to push a button.  Truthfully I have pushed the button a few times but those ideas are still stuck on the recorder when they should have been transferred to here.

I tend to talk to myself in the car and sometimes I have the whole essay talked out in my mind but once I walk in the door I’m completely distracted and all those elegant thoughts and clever quips fade away like the dream I had last night.  I might remember a little of it but it’s just not the same.  This is the reason why I bought the recorder.  Now it seems I’ve gone from writer’s block to talker’s block.

So now I’m just going to babble.  Stream of consciousness writing.  Going to stop the internal editor, except to correct a misspelled word and hope for the best.

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A couple of years ago I found myself out of work and I discovered a great way to save money, storage space and I’m sure the environment.  I’m talking about the public library.  I can search for books by topic, author or title, reserve them online and the only drawback is that they aren’t delivered to my doorstep.  I can return the books anytime of the day and night and if I need to I can renew online.  If I pick up an author I hate, it didn’t cost me anything.  If I pick up an author I like, I can reserve every book they’ve ever written and it won’t cost me a fortune.

With the onset of the internet people kept predicting the end of libraries but those smart librarians have learned to adapt.  My county library has become a major resource for job hunters.  They offer career seminar courses that cover target job search, local resources, company research and online applications.  They offer short courses on how to use word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software.  I can even email or fax questions to the reference librarian.

The only thing missing is the cafe.  I mentioned that to a friend and you’d think I was proposing that the devil should come to dinner.  I think it would be a nice little moneymaker.  Offer coffee and tea all the time and then there could be bake sale fund raisers on the weekend. With all the budget cutting going on  it might be a clever way to raise a little extra money.  The other weekend the librarians were wearing t-shirts to promote reading. Hey for $15-20 I would have purchased one.

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116 Rejection Letters?
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Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford.  So Jane Austen is a vampire and she’s been submitting her unpublished manuscript for last 200 years and had collected 116 rejection letters before someone decided to publish it.  She complains about not getting royalties on her novels nor money from all the novelty items.  (Can you imagine seeing a collectible finger puppet version of yourself on the shelf?)

I liked how Ford created a world where the vampires could simply fit in almost completely unnoticed.  They can go out in the sunlight, they can eat food or drink wine, they can sleep in regular beds. And death wasn’t limited to a stake in the heart.

I liked Lucy in her role as substitute sister.  She took Jane’s news very well, (perhaps too well) but she was needed to lighten up Jane and give her some perspective.

Byron as a vampire.  Eternally handsome, writing poetry and romance novels?  I saw that coming along with that crazy Violet Grey.  Although the life sized mannequins in the kitchen did give me pause.

I wasn’t initially reading the excerpts from Constance at the beginning of each chapter. When I did, I realized they were a foreshadowing device that  I sometimes found clever and sometimes trite.

It was a quick fun summer read.  I liked how it poked fun at vampire stories, Byron and Jane.

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