The Ghost of Christmas Past
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Okay, cue the spooky music. Christmas morning I’m trying to finish the last gift and the delicate aroma of dusting powder drifted into the room.  To appreciate this odd event you have to understand that I was alone in the house, I don’t use dusting powder and the only person I know who did was mom and she’s been gone for 7 Christmases.

It had to be mom dropping in to wish me Merry Christmas.  I miss mom. I miss her warmth, her humor, her excellent advice, her love.  I told her about my year and how I was doing and that I still miss her.  I also told her I hope she was having a good time, telling jokes with Aunt Ellen and that grandmother had developed a sense of humour.  And that I hoped her cats where with her.  I think the hereafter would be really lacking if it didn’t have cats and dogs and joke telling siblings.

I doubt that I’ll ever stop missing her.

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