Seriously, you’re going to card me?
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My friend and I went to a Friendly’s today and when she ordered off the senior menu, the girl asked for id!  Well I guess that is flattering and I’m glad I let her order first because the waitress would have discovered I’m an unage eater.  

In some cases, I’m an overage eater.

I didn’t have the nerve to order off either the senior or child’s menu until I saw Dave Price from CBS’s the Morning Show talk about losing weight and how he would order off the child’s menu to get a reasonable portion.  So I took his lead and I didn’t feel too bad if I ordered a child’s meal at a fast food restaurant.  It took a some encouragement, but eventually I started ordering off the senior menu at other restaurants.

I’m not out to cheat anyone, I just want a smaller portion at an appropriate price. 

I know that the economy is taking a beating and I know that restaurants are hurting just as much as any other industry but wouldn’t it be wise to sell a meal at a lesser price, than none at all?

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It’s how warm?
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I hate the cold. I always have. I hate cold feet, cold fingers, and especially a cold nose. Today it was warm out and the sun was shining. The grass even looked greener! Oh and the warm sun on my face! I should have looked for daffodils in the garden but it’s probably still just a little early for them.

Spring is on the way and I’m thrilled.

About 1/2 way thru December I start dreading the commute home in the dark and cold. I get home and wrap up in crocheted throws, I sleep under a fat down comforter and I wear warm fuzzy socks to bed. After Christmas, whenever the weatherman tells sunrise and sunset times, I calculate the additional minutes of sunshine and I feel so happy. Then when sunlight lasts after I get home from work I feel like I’m gaining back my free time. Time to spend outside. Time to warm up. Time to see that beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds!

Today I chucked the down coat for a lightweight wool one and even that was too warm. I feel ALIVE, ready to tackle whatever comes my way or even tackle something NEW! Maybe I’ll even clean!

Blog, blah, blah
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Personally, I think I have enough blog entry ideas to keep me going for quite a few months so I really don’t need No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, by Margaret Mason. But just in-case I’m wrong about my creativity, vast skill for observation and commentary, I decided to check it out.

This slim publication is packed with 100 ideas and recommendations to keep you writing and keep your blog from bogging down in blahdom. It contains 5 chapters with 20 ideas each:

  1. 15 minutes to fame
  2. 30 minutes away from the TV
  3. An hour at the screen
  4. Take your time
  5. Think like a writer

Margaret’s suggestions are even good posting examples: catchy title, makes us laugh, think and want to respond.

Here are a few of my favorite topics:

  1. Reign supreme (what would you do if you ruled the world)
  2. Show some love (write a paragraph on your family or friends)
  3. Use what you have (mine your surroundings, postcards, cd’s newspaper.

I thought just about every topic was viable and universal. If you can’t find at least one idea or topic in this book, then you either need to give up the idea of blogging or get out of the house more. You need a life!

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End of an era, start of another
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During a “what am I spending on telecommunications” moment, I decided to ditch my Compuserve account. I replaced it with a free email account and faster access to the internet.

But I miss being 74473,2063.

Compuserve was my first foray into the internet. I had no idea what a forum or threaded discussion board was and I don’t even remember how I discovered the SFmedia section. It was love at first sight. All these like-minded, educated people in love with Highlander. Okay, so it was mostly women but there were a few guys there, too. We would dissect each episode to pieces, examining motives, writing, settings, costumes, historical (in)accuracies, weapons…well you get the idea. I started going to conventions just to meet my cyberspace friends face2face. At some point 4 of us started a round robin Mary Sue writing adventure based on the Highlander world. It was a lot of fun.

A couple of the SFMedia participants were writer wannabes and they dragged me over to SFLit where I found a whole cadre of wannabe writers. They were the called the IMPs, impatiently waiting to be published, and I learned plenty about writing. I learned to critique the writing not the writer, to identify passive voice by picking it up in others, you have about 150 words (1/2 a page) to get and keep the editor’s attention, and more. Several members have published novels and short stories. My big claim to fame was an essay published years ago in the Christian Science Monitor. I have to thank BJ for her crucial editing suggestions.

I still keep in contact with a few of the ex-pats. We exchange emails, attend conferences together and I peer into the blogs of several more to see how they are doing.

And now they can peer into mine as well.

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