Never waste an interview
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This summer I went on several interviews and I’m sorry to say I didn’t get either job.  However, by asking a few questions, I gleaned information that I took back to my current job.  My boss is taciturn but friendly.  He doesn’t give me a lot of feedback so I never know what he wants/likes/needs.  It’s very frustrating because I’m not a mind reader.  One of my interviewers/ees told me how he likes his work.  He was VERY specific and I loved it.  I wish all interviewers/ees were so verbose. I knew exactly what a day/week/month/year would be with him.  So, I took one of his many ideas and applied them to my current boss.  Now, when ever my boss travels, I set up folders for each day of his trip.  In each folder I include his calendar, his travel itinerary and any meeting material he needs.  Of course I didn’t get any feedback when he returned.  A week later I was arranging more travel and he hands me some notes and asks me to include them in the folder for his next trip.  Success!

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