Why do we blog?
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Why have a public journal?  Are our egos so large that we believe someone is waiting out there just to read our words?  Are our words so fantastic that someone else would want to read them? Are we reaching out hoping to connect with other people?  Are we so lonely that we have to find a way to communicate with people, even if it is only in blog comments?

The title of my website is Lynn’s Vanity Pages.  Most personal websites are vanity sites.  Look at me!  Look at me!  I have a kewl site!  I have interesting things to say!  I’m not saying there aren’t any good or interesting sites.  Some people have valuable information to share.  Some have interesting stories. 

Although, who am I to criticize as I sit here in front of my laptop, typing these words, hoping to be read.

I went to ReaderCon this summer and listened to a discussion regarding writing and blogging was mentioned.  Someone in the audience took offence because of a comment made regarding the average blog entry.  Most blog entries are first draft.  They are raw.  They contain typos, poor punctuation, and bad construction.  Tom Purdom felt that whatever he published should be final draft. He writes professionally, so I would expect that.  The woman in the audience, a teacher, was just happy to see her students writing and getting feedback so they would understand how their writing was being interpreted.  I think that is an interesting use for a blog. 

I don’t know if blogging will be just another fad.  Some things become ubiquitous and others become vapor.  However, here I am, joining in on the fun.

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