Christmas is my drug this year
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Halloween hasn’t even come and gone and I’m skipping that aisle and heading straight for the Christmas stuff:  cards, ornaments, lights.  I even bought my stamps two weeks ago.  I checked out the stash of gifts I’ve already bought and I’m seriously thinking about wrapping them and piling them up in the living room.

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me this year.  It could simply be that I’m anticipating taking that week off (since I haven’t had a proper vacation all year) and I’m scheduling my Christmas activities already.  Yes, there will be touristy events:  Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, holiday windows and St Pat’s cathedral.  Maybe I’ll drag a friend to the NY Botanical Gardens to see the toy train show or travel to Longwood Gardens.  I’m even tempted to buy tickets to see the Radio City Rockettes! I will spend Christmas Eve with my friend and then Christmas dinner with my family.

I’ve switched to Pandora’s Christmas Classics channel and I cannot wait for my cable’s seasonal music to change from spooky to spiritual.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get guitar lessons this year so I could produce my own favorite tunes on demand or share my enthusiasm with friends and family. That will go on the New Year’s resolution list!

I’m not sure why I’m so excited about Christmas this year.  I’m just happy right now.  Heck, I don’t even think I’d complain if it snowed in November.

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I bought a Kindle.  After much contemplation and several trips to Target and Best Buy and reading way too many reviews I finally bought the Kindle 3 WiFi version.  So what sold me on it and not a Nook or a Kobo or a Sony?  Well it came down to a few basic features.  I like the size, it’s light and comfortable in my hands.  I like the fonts I can choose from. Also, I like the no glare screen.  I like the ease of getting books, since I love to shop on Amazon anyway. But for me the thing that tipped the scale were the buttons.  I really hate touchscreens.  Even though I have these skinny little fingers I always manage to fat finger any entries on a touch screen.

I have a touchscreen on my phone.  I hate it.  I’m always putting in the wrong characters, the wrong numbers, dialing the wrong people.  God forbid I have to enter someone into my contacts list!  Since everyone is always trying to improve products, and I’ve had perfectly good products ruined because someone decided it might sell better if it was exactly like its competitor, I decided to buy the Kindle now before some fool decides to make it a “touchscream”, too.  One thing that disappoints me: currently I cannot take books out of the library.  I understand that Amazon is working with Overdrive so hopefully in a few months that disappointment will be fixed.

So now I’m ready for all those big 500-1000 page fantasy novels! Bring on Game of Thrones!  Bring on Outlander!  Ohhh–I can download any Jane Austen novel for free? Gotta run!


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Was that really suppose to be enjoyable?
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I just saw Pinter’s No Man’s Land.  I can’t say I liked it but the acting was good.  The question and answer with the cast and director was very enlightening. I think I would have just hated the play if I hadn’t stayed for the discussion which answered some of my questions.

At first I wasn’t sure who was the main character in the play. Is it Spooner?   Spooner practically on stage the whole show.  When he ends up alone in the locked in the room, I have to wonder is he simply crazy and this is his interpretation of his cell and are these his hallucination? Knowing this was a Pinter play I started to wonder if maybe it was Hirst, since he was the character physically in the center stage and  his name and story remain the same throughout.  So then, were the other character’s real, allegorical or imaginative?

The director pointed out that the viewer brought their own personal experience into the play.  In other post-play discussions people felt that this could have been the result of Hirst’s drinking or that he had dementia or some other mental illness.  However once the director pointed out that Pinter’s wife, Vivien Merchant had a drinking problem it was easier to see it in that light although any of the others would work as well.

Listening to the actors describe how they developed their characters was very interesting.  The actor playing Hirst felt that all the other parts were characters representing different facets of the protag’s life.  This was interesting because their names changed as they play went on as well as their stories, their roles, clothes, accents.  Another actor played his role straight.  Another said that he never built a backstory.  He felt that the whole thing had a dreamlike feel, where the dream reality kept changing and flowing.   All of these different methods meshed together.

Even the set with its subtly skewed perspectives added to the disturbing ambiance.  The doors were slightly askance, instead of four walls there were in effect five. The ceiling radically sloped.  The “floor” came to a point and jutted out over the front of the stage.  The director added a Keyser Söze effect, the picture over the fireplace was painted by Spooner and there is a picture of a jonquil on the wall.

I doubt that I’ll ever really like the play, but I do think I’d like to see another interpretation of it.

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Seriously, you’re going to card me?
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My friend and I went to a Friendly’s today and when she ordered off the senior menu, the girl asked for id!  Well I guess that is flattering and I’m glad I let her order first because the waitress would have discovered I’m an unage eater.  

In some cases, I’m an overage eater.

I didn’t have the nerve to order off either the senior or child’s menu until I saw Dave Price from CBS’s the Morning Show talk about losing weight and how he would order off the child’s menu to get a reasonable portion.  So I took his lead and I didn’t feel too bad if I ordered a child’s meal at a fast food restaurant.  It took a some encouragement, but eventually I started ordering off the senior menu at other restaurants.

I’m not out to cheat anyone, I just want a smaller portion at an appropriate price. 

I know that the economy is taking a beating and I know that restaurants are hurting just as much as any other industry but wouldn’t it be wise to sell a meal at a lesser price, than none at all?

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